0 ABY – The Battle of Yavin

3 ABY – The Battle of Hoth

4ABY – The Battle of Endor

- The new Republic is announced and begins fighting the remaining Empire forces.

- Admiral Akbar is promoted to Grand Admiral and established as the first general of the Republic Guard.

5 ABY – The Battle of Jakku

- Imperial forces are defeated at Jakku.

- A young cadet named Caz’la’Ven makes a name for himself due to his expertise on the battlefield and his tactics in battle.

9 ABY – A series of battles pushes Imperial forces out of the Galactic Core.

- Caz’la’Ven is promoted to Lieutenant after many decisive victories.

10 ABY – After years of work settlers begin to arrive on Tython.

17 ABY – The Battle of Trandosha

- The empire appears to gain the upper hand until the arrival of the reinforcements in the form of a group of force sensitive soldiers led by Lieutenant Ven.

18 ABY – Nightwatch is formed as a branch of the Republic Guard. It is made up of force            sensitive soldiers.

- Caz’la’Ven is promoted to Vice Admiral and placed as commander of Nightwatch.

- The whereabouts of Luke Skywalker are unknown after he declines to train the new Nightwatch recruits.

- Leia Solo establishes the new Jedi Order on Tython.

- Luke Skywalker is labeled a traitor of the Republic and is to be apprehended if found.

23 ABY – The Battle of Iridonia

- Grand Admiral Akbar is killed in battle.

- Caz’la’Ven is made new Grand Admiral

- Imperial remnants are pushed back to the Outer Rim.

- Years of standstill battles results in no forward progress for either side.

26 ABY – The Imperium Animus is established and begins to fight back with force sensitives of          their own.

- Caz’la’Ven personally kills Darth Maul on Dathomir and reclaims the Darksaber.

- Jedi that survived Order 66 are required to rejoin the Republic or be labeled traitors and enemy combatants.

28 ABY – First planet Exterminatus is called for Cathar for harboring traitor Jedi.

34 ABY – The first ship arrives at the planet Nar Shaddaa.



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