The Disillusioned Soldier


Republic Soldier, Mercenary, Mandalorian

Human: Male
Force Sensative


Rebellion has always been in the blood of Ty’Lon’s family. His parents fight against the Galactic Empire cost them their lives sometime before the events of Yavin. With only his older brother left to protect and raise him, a true family is what a young Ty’Lon never experienced. It was not until the Battle of Yavin that Ty’Lon felt the pain of loss when word got back to him that his brother was killed in the great battle.
As years passed, Ty’lon found himself working for the Republic as a soldier. During this time, he obtained a rather “Gung ho” personality. He later left after realizing that some of the Republic’s intentions weren’t for the good of the galaxy. He later founded and joined a rag-tag rebel group, but had no decent weapons or money to fund their planned operations. The group decided to temporarily take on jobs and bounties to gain the essentials to take on this new republic.
Now since the events of Shar’von, Ty’Lon has come across a new path that gives him the opportunity to stop the Republic directly. With a new sense of purpose and newly gained allies, Ty’Lon is ready to stop this lurking evil whether is through the use of the Light or even the Dark side of the force.


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