Zelo Tano

The Lonesome Spacer


Explorer, Jedi, Martial Artist

Togruta: Female
Force Sensative


Born in the the first years after the fall of the Republic, Zelo was raised on Shili and was very close to her family. However when she was 7 her aunt sat her down and told her they needed to leave. Her Aunt was Ahsoka Tano, and she revealed that she had been a Jedi Knight. She told young Zelo that she had sensed the force within her as well. For both of their safty they fled the planet hopping from world to world to stay hidden. Ahsoka taught Zelo to hide her power and to use it in subtle ways if need be. Zelo learned how to pilot using the force just like Ahsoka’s master had. As the rebellion grew, Ahsoka went to help. Zelo found odd jobs as a pilot and provided support to the rebellion . One day while on a mission she felt Ahsoka’s place in the force go dark. From that moment on she withdrew from rebellion and most things. She focused on surviving in the turbulent galaxy. Lately she has felt the force calling out to her. She has felt that she needs to become storng in the force, complete her training, and continue the legacy Ahsoka started with her.

Zelo Tano

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