Story Thus Far

After arriving on Nar Shaddaa, Ty’lon and Zelo met with Shar’von the merchant and their new employer. They were tasked with retrieving Shar’von’s lost cargo that had been stolen by Theron the Ripper, a local criminal. Of special importance was a relic that had been stolen in the last shipment. While trying to get a ride via shuttle to the location of Theron, the two were hijacked and forced to fight their captors. It was discovered that the hijackers had been killing people and stealing their identity tags. Using the shuttle Tylon and Zelo make it to Theron’s bunker and after fighting through some droids, they came face to face with the Ripper himself. After killing Theron, who had pinned Zelo, Tylon serached his body and recovered his armor and command data pad. Taking Theron’s Eta-2 Actis-class Interceptor starfighter they returned to Shar’von. He revealed to them that the relic was from an old fallen empire.

Chuzhope and Hawer arrive at Nar Shaddaa a few hours after Tylon and Zelo finished their mission. After talking with Shar’von, Hawer goes out into the streets of Nar Shaddaa and buys a used Arrow-23 Landspeeder. Both are sent on a mission with Zelo to the moon of Ziost. After fighting with some dark side experiments the trio discover the relic they were sent to claim. Touching the relic puts Zelo up against a sith apparition which she manages to best. Leaving the planet Chuzhope destoys the pilot droid and drops the ship from hyperspace between a black hole and Kessel. Escaping the black hole and an imperial star destroyer lands the ship near Mandalor and after narrowly avoiding Republic inspection from Kiran Bloodfist, the group returns to Nar Shaddaa.

After gambling and hitting it big at a casino Korri boards a ship and heads for Nar Shaddaa. Meanwhile on the moon of Ziost, Arruna finds that her father is missing and her guardians slain. She boards a unmanned ship left by a deceased scouting party and the autopilot takes control. After arriving at Shar’von’s, Korri meets Zelo and the two are sent to investigate the returning ship. It is discovered that the ship contains a red twi’lek named Arruna who is looking for the artifact that was taken from Ziost. Convinced that her father is dead she decides to work with the team. The three head to the lower quadrant of Nar Shaddaa to find information on Korri’s force vision. After following a lead they are apprehended by Caz’la’Ven. Imperial ships attack the orbiting republic vessel and the three escape captivity thanks to a blue skinned humanoid with a lightsaber. On the way to the hangar the three fight a member of Nightwatch and retrieve his lightsaber after Arruna befriends his Akk dog. Boarding a docked firspray with Zelo at the helm, the three head off in an unknown direction to a planet shown to her by the force.

Leaving the battle around Nar Shaddaa, Zelo, Arruna, and Korri head through hyperspace into the unknown. Chuzhope, Hawer, and Tylon board a ship with Shar’von in order to escape Republic inquiry. Shar’von’s ship arrives at the planet Bakura which is under the control of the Imperium Animus. Later Zelo’s group exits hyperspace and feels an immense dark side presence that knocks Arruna out. Due to the Republic identification codes, the ship is hailed and investigated by Mof Seref. The group is allowed to return to Shar’von and Zelo gifts the ship to the Mof who had discovered the force sensitive nature of the togruta. Arriving at Shar’von’s base the two groups reunite. Tylon and Korri go to talk to Shar’von while he is in a holocall and overhear him talking to someone about the ‘false empire’. Enraged, Shar’von sends droids to eliminate the group. In the fight Hawer acquires Shar’von’s lightsaber, Tylon is injured, and Korri is killed by a droid. The lightsaber that Korri had taken from the unconscious Arruna was also destroyed. As they escape in Hawer’s speeder, the group is attacked by three Mankvim-814 light interceptors which they manage to destroy. A hidden tie fighter blasts the engine of the speeder and goes in for the kill. Another figure on a speeder shows up just in time to slash the wing of the tie off with his lightsaber and the sith that emerges engages the group in combat. After an epic struggle, the combined efforts of Hawer and the speeder pilot manage to bring the sith down. The group heads to a base controled by the speeder pilot who introduces himself as Set’tal, the same chiss that saved them from the Republic ship. They discuss the current events and Set’tal states that he will discuss the new information with Master Lucas. Hawer heads into a research room and activates a droid that has a familiar face.

After awakening the prototype droid Specter P01, Hawer seeks to venture out to a nearby force cave to collect kyber crystals and have the droid build a lightsaber. Tylon, who has just recovered from his injuries, objects to the activation of the droid and believes it should be put down. Talking to Zelo and Set, Hawer and the Droid convince the others to join them on their mission. Fighting through some of the lesser bugs in the higher caverns of the cave the party makes it to the inner chamber and the crystals it contains. They are then attacked by a wraith-like being guarding the chamber. With the combined prowess of the team the creature is put down, but not before Set succumbs to a dark rage after Zelo is struck down and almost killed. The party returns and Zelo is taken into the medbay. After a talk between Tylon and Set regarding the force, Zelo wakes long enough to see Set talking to the holo-projection of his master, who says that he is ready to see the party and that they should be brought to the planet. In his room, Hawer eyes the crystal that was ripped from the cave guardian.

After Zelo and Arruna awake in the medbay, Set tells them that his master wishes to meet with the party on another planet. talking to the rest of the group they then head out to the nearest spaceport to request for a ship. Trading information about Shar’von to Grand Mof Seref, Zelo chooses the YX-1980 Space Transport. They head to the planet Ossus which was concealed in the force. There they meet Master Lucas and his unnamed companion, a towering muscular being. Discussing recent events and revealing Master Lucas’ identity as Luke Skywalker. The party is sent to disperse and train for two years in order to get stronger to combat the evil that may have been seen in Arruna’s vision. Tylon, Chuzhope, and Spark travel to Mandalore to train with the Mandalorians. Zelo, Hawer, and Arruna train on the force and learn techniques that fit their style. Zelo and the hulking mass of muscle travel to Tarris in order to train with a force martial artist living in seclusion. With the two years passed the party returns to Luke, but something watches their progress through the void.

As the two years of training end, the group slowly begins to return to Ossus. Tylon gets a message from an old friend stating that the previous group he worked with has mostly disappeared except himself and the other commander Caleb. Before arriving at the planet Hawer gets a message as well telling him he had been offered the holdings of the now dead crime lord Jabba the Hutt and that a member of his family and a representative are following him to enact the transaction. Only Aaruna and Tylon have yet to return. As Tylon approaches the planet he notices a transport ship orbiting the planet. Upon meeting the party begins to bicker as usual until Hawer’s family member and the representative appear. The representative is revealed to be Grand Admiral Caz. Master Luke engages him in combat after Hawer and Chuzhope appear to join Caz’s side. He tells the group to run as to dark side users also emerge and distract him. At that moment Kiran Bloodfist shoots and kills the fearful Jedi Master. The group flees as the two enemies appear to engage each other. Both the main group and the defected group manage to flee in their separate ships from what appears to be an imperial star destroyer. On their way to Tatooine, Hawer and Chuzhope encounter the pirate Hondo and trade 16 republic guardsmen for safe passage and future business opportunities. The main group gets pulled off course by a derelict space station and must board it to deactivate it’s tractor beam. The entrance to the main access states “Beyond here, Death awaits” written in blood. The group discovers that the station has been overrun with the living dead. After setting the station to crash into the nearby sun, deactivating the tractor beam, having to run to the lower level escape pods, and barely escaping some kind of monstrous experiment, the group gets to their ship and heads to the memorial of Alderaan. There they contact Leia on Tython and arrange for pickup in order to go under the republic’s radar. The defector group learns that Caz survived his ordeal and he states that he has taken care of the traitor Luke Skywalker. After a few days a sleek, ghost-like ship arrives to pick up the main group.

Tylon, Zelo, Spark, Grim, and Set are greeted by an antiquated astromech droid that appears in the doorway of the ship sent to pickup the team. The team boards the ship and head toward Tython; only Tylon and R2 stay behind to watch the team’s ship. On the way they talk to the pilots Herra and Zeb; from this discussion they learn a little of the events unfolding. After arriving on Tython the group is lead toward the council chamber to meet with Leia. She shows them the propaganda that the Grand Admiral put out of him ‘executing’ Luke Skywalker. She then escorts them downstairs to show them that the rebellion is growing and Tython is its heart. She brings them to a man called Quinlan Vos who affirms the parties greatest fears, that the man that appeared on Ossus was somehow the resurrected Darth Sidious. He states that he will try to use the force to discern the location of the sith lord and that it will take four days. Zelo and Set head off and discuss the recent events and have some private time together. Grim and Spark recruit two guards and a merchant to head to a force cave and search for crystals. Once arriving they are ambushed by a large monstrous creature that devours the merchant and guards. Grim uses the gun that Spark found on the derelict spacestation and, while the shot misses, it proves to be an impressive weapon. Spark then hears a voice in the force that tells him that Grim must survive. In a heroic act he allows the creature to swallow him before he self-destructs, killing the beast. Grim gathers up some Crystals and some of Sparks equipment and then heads back to the temple.

Story Thus Far

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